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Ten Interesting Facts about Zambia

1. Until 1964, Zambia was known as Northern Rhodesia. 2. The country’s name Zambia was taken from the name of the Zambezi River. 3. Zambia’s Lake Kariba was Africa’s largest man-made lake until Egypt’s Aswan Dam was put up in 1971. 4. Lake Kariba is so huge that in certain parts of it, unknowing visitors think they are looking at the ocean. 5. Because Zambia is...


Zambian Cuisine

Nshima Nshima is the main staple of Zambian food. A cooked porridge that is made from ground maize, nshima is known in Zimbabwe as sadza and in South Africa as milli pap. For breakfast, nshima is made thin with the addition of sugar; for lunch or dinner, it is made thicker, like mashed potatoes. For main meals, nshima is most often served with meat or fish or a tasty...

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What to Do in Zambia

Catch an aerial view of the Victoria Falls The Victoria Falls is an amazing sight to behold, and Zambia tourism has made it possible to see its combination of grace and power from up close, via bridges and walkways. But if you wish to see the Victoria Falls in its full glory, the best view is from the air. For an aerial view of the falls, micro-flight and fixed wing...

Zambezi River

Where to Go in Zambia

Victoria Falls Victoria Falls, found in the Zambezi River, is one of the seven natural wonders of the modern world. The Kololo tribe, who once lived near it, called it the Smoke that Thunders (“Mosi-oa-Tunya”) presumably because of the combination of mist and deafening sound that it tons of falling water creates. The waterfall can be seen from miles away. Roughly 546...

Lower Zambezi National Park

When to Visit Zambia

Zambia is located in the tropics, but there is none of the fiery heat that characterizes other tropical states. Instead, much of Zambia has a pleasant climate, thanks to its altitude. There are significant variations in rainfall and temperature in between the seasons of Zambia. The country’s average temperature is 20.6 °C (69 °F), with the maximum temperature at 31...