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Ten Interesting Facts about Uganda

1. Around 50% of Uganda’s population survives on less than one dollar a day. 2. There are still untapped large crude oil and natural gas reserves in Uganda. 3. Uganda is a conservative society; it is generally unacceptable for women to wear skimpy clothing. 4. In Uganda, “skimpy” is defined as “not reaching your ankles.” 5. The average church service in Uganda lasts...


Ugandan Cuisine

Ugali Ugali is a dish that is very popular not just in Uganda but in the whole of Africa. However, in Uganda, ugali is always made fresh because of the abundance of ingredients that can be harvested here. Usually created from maize, ugali can also use other starches as ingredients. Expatriates create ugali from cornmeal and grits. Another variation for ugali is kwon...


What to do in Uganda

Go shopping The shopping scene in Kampala is an interesting mixture of the past and present, with both African and Western elements in shopping centers that can be either simple or complicated. In some parts of Kampala, you can even find markets and towering shopping complexes within walking distance from one another. Luxury goods can be found in shopping complexes...

Rwenzori Mountain Ranges

Where to go in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park Murchison Falls National Park is one of the oldest conservation areas of Uganda. It was first sectioned off in 1926 as a game reserve, with the intent of protecting a savannah that was once described by Winston Churchill as “Kew Gardens and the zoo combined on an unlimited scale.” The park’s area is at 3,893 square kilometers, making it...

Lake Mburo National Park

When to Visit Uganda

It is practically summer the whole year in Uganda, due to the country’s equatorial location and its high elevation. There are two rainy seasons in Uganda: The short rainy season is from April to May, while the long rainy season is from September to November. However, even during these rainy seasons, the sun is shining most of the time. Rains also occur most often in...