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istanbul bridge from the boat with Turkey flag

Ten Interesting Facts about Turkey

1. St. Nicholas, the inspiration for Santa Claus, was born in Patara, Turkey. He was a bishop at the Demre, which is situated on the country’s Mediterranean Coast. 2. Asure – which is a sweet-and-sour-tasting pudding that can still be found throughout Turkey – is said to be the last meal that was served on Noah’s ark. 3. Julius Caesar’s famous words, “Veni...

Turkish delight

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish delight It has been said that Turkish Delight was invented in the latter part of the 1700s, when a Turkish sultan’s rantings were overheard by a confectioner named Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir, who was part of Istanbul’s imperial court. The Sultan was growling that he had no more desire for hard candy, after cracking one of his teeth while eating a sourball. He...

Indulge in a spa visit

What to Do in Turkey

Skiing If you happen to visit the country during wintertime, you might as well take the opportunity to learn or indulge in your favorite winter sports. Many ski resorts there open in November up to May and are situated in forest areas in the mountains, where the height is only moderate. These are ideal for groups of people who want to spend time skiing, even if their...

The Temple of Apollo

Where to Go in Turkey

Blue Mosque The Blue Mosque is also referred to as the Sultanahmet Mosque. It can be seen clearly from Istanbul’s skyline. The mosque was named after Sultan Ahmet I, who commissioned its construction in 1609, when he was only 19 years old. Work on the mosque lasted up to the year 1616. Ahmet was quite hands-on with the project and even helped to get things done...


When to Visit Turkey

Visitors to Turkey would do well to remember that the best time to go there is during the spring. The next best season for tourists would be autumn, then summer. The least favored season for travelers is winter, though you will still be able to find gratifying activities to make your stay worthwhile. Spring in Turkey begins in April and lasts until the middle of June...