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Scuba Diving

What to do in the Philippines

Scuba Diving The deep waters and rich marine life surrounding Philippines blesses the country with so many scuba diving spots, whose beauty does not disappoint. At the forefront of the diving industry in the country is Anilao, Batangas, the birthplace of Philippine diving. There are 24 diving sites in this small town alone, with resorts that cater to amateurs and...

spelunking philippines

Ten Interesting Facts About the Philippines

1. The Philippine flag is the only flag in the whole world that is displayed differently in times of peace and war. In peace time, the blue side is put on top; in war time, the red. 2. The country was named by Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. It was named “Philippines” in honor of King Philip II of Spain. 3. The Philippines gained independence in 1946. It...

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Filipino Cuisine

Lechon (roast pig) Lechon is the perennial fiesta food in the Philippines. On Christmas and New Year celebrations, wedding and baptism feasts, and any other feast you can think of, people look for lechon or its smaller version, the lechon de leche (roast piglet). Eat it with rice, smothered in gravy, or by itself, washed down with beer. How do you know it’s good...

Pagoda and dragon sculpture of the Taoist Temple in Cebu, Philip

Where to go in the Philippines

Manila Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. Aside from being a melting pot of various races and cultures, Manila is home to various attractions that make it worth visiting – either as your primary destination or as your gateway to the other islands of the country. One of the most famous destinations in Manila is Rizal Park, also called Luneta, located at...

El Nido bay, Philippines

When to visit the Philippines

The geographical location of the Philippines in Southeast Asia creates a tropical rainforest climate all over the country. This means that you should expect high temperatures and high humidity levels when you visit, whatever month it is of the year. The highest temperatures in the Philippines are recorded in May, with a mean of 28.3°C (82.9°F). The coolest are in...