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Ten Interesting Facts about Thailand

1. Thailand is nearly equal the size of Spain. 2. Until 1939, Thailand was known as Siam. 3. Approximately 35,000 temples can be seen in the whole country. 4. Despite the fame of the old Hollywood movie “The King and I,” it was not shown in theaters in Thailand because the film was considered derogatory to the King. 5. Thailand follows the lese majeste rule, which...

Thai Cuisine

Planning a culinary journey in Thailand is a daunting task as there is a wonderful array of culinary traditions to sample. Thai cuisine encompasses four different regions, each with its own distinct characteristics. Thai food is marked by a mélange of spices and herbs, creating a refreshing aroma that would definitely whet one’s appetite. The Asian staple, a bowl of...

cooking classes thailand

What to Do in Thailand

Cooking classes If you can’t bring home all the delectable treats you’ve tasted in Thailand, then join any of the special cooking courses offered in major cities. Thai cuisine is one of the most sumptuous – not to mention eye-catching – gastronomic selections in the world. It’s only natural that you would want to replicate the flavors in your own kitchen. Major...

Prang of Wat Arun, Bangkok ,Thailand

Where to Go in Thailand

Bangkok A whole day in the capital is not enough to feel its incomparable character. Whether it’s shopping or sightseeing, recreational activities in Bangkok abound for a jam-packed itinerary in the city. An ideal day starts with a ride in the water taxis that ply the length of Chao Phraya River. Hop off to any of the delightful stops along the way, including the...

Deep forest waterfall at Huay Mae Khamin, Kanchanaburi Province,

When to Visit Thailand

To fully enjoy a visit to Thailand, you need to plan ahead and avoid the monstrous monsoon rains of the region. Find favorable weather between November and March, when there is less rain and the temperature is cooler. If you find yourself in the country from April to June however, southern Thailand serves as good respite from the scorching weather in the rest of the...