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Sri Lanka

Ten interesting facts about Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka may be the tea capital of the world, but tea was introduced to it only in 1867. 2. Before Sri Lanka became famous for tea, it was famous for coffee – but the coffee fields of Sri Lanka were wiped out by leaf blight in the 1870s. 3. Sri Lankans had known about tea for nine years before they saw rubber for the first time, in 1876. 4. When Sri Lankans say...


Sri Lankan Cuisine

Kottu roti Kottu roti is a hearty Sri Lankan meal dish made of vegetables, eggs, meat, spices, and the pita-like thin Sri Lankan bread called the godamba roti. To make kottu roti, all the ingredients mentioned above – egg, meat, vegetables, and bread – are chopped up with two metal blades and mixed together on a heated iron sheet. This clashing of metal on metal can...

Pick Ceylon tea leaves

What to do in Sri Lanka

Try stilt fishing Stilt fishing was invented because the Sri Lankan fisherfolk knew that the best way to catch fish was to keep the fish’s environment as undisturbed as possible. Stepping into the water would disturb the fish, so they used stilts. Of course, they could step on the rocks that jutted out of the water – but there just weren’t enough rocks for all the...


Where to go in Sri Lanka

Mirissa Beach Mirissa Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. The small, crescent-shaped golden-sanded beach is a secluded tropical paradise that is most conducive to utmost relaxation. To maintain the secluded atmosphere of the place, all guest houses are set back behind the palm trees fringing the island. Nothing here will disturb your...

Nuwara Eliya

When to visit Sri Lanka

The best time to visit Sri Lanka depends on where you are going. The western side of Sri Lanka, where most of the tourist destinations are, is driest from November to April. This time, therefore, is Sri Lanka’s tourist season. On the other hand, the eastern side – where you’ll find Polonnaruwa, some of Sri Lanka’s best beaches and surf waves, and fewer tourists – is...