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Seychelles Islands

Ten interesting facts about Seychelles

1. Pirates used to seek the islands of Seychelles as a hideout. It is believed that Olivier Le Vasseur, an infamous pirate, had a treasure worth 100,000 euros that remains hidden in the land up to the present. 2. Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, is the smallest capital in the whole world. 3. Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond novels and short stories...

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Seychellois Cuisine

Deep fried Parrotfish Parrotfish may be colorful and picturesque when alive, but this makes a sumptuous treat when cooked. This can be served as fish steak, but many restaurants in the country offer deep fried parrotfish. The fish is fried in batter, and once cooked, it is typically served with spicy tomato Creole sauce. Other seasonings can also be added, depending...


What to do in Seychelles

Bird watching Most islands in the country provide great spots for bird watching. You no longer need to book special tours in order to see rare and endemic species of birds because there are great chances of spotting such creatures as you check out popular reserves like the Veuve Reserve in the island of La Digue and Vallee de Mai in Praslin. If you are very keen...

Anse Source d'Argent beach, La Digue island, Seyshelles

Where to go in Seychelles

La Digue Island La Digue Island is situated east of Praslin and west of the Felicite Island. With a total population of about 2,000, it is the fourth largest inhabited island in the country. Its name was derived from the ship of Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, a French explorer who visited the country in 1768. The island’s main industry is tourism, and this is...

Coco Island

When to Visit Seychelles

The climate in Seychelles is idyllic, as it is often warm without suffering from any extremities. This climate is considered tropical, which is why many beach lovers from many parts of the world frequent the country’s top tourist spots all year round. The cyclone belt encompasses only some of the remotest southern islands. Seychelles gets average winds of 8 to 12...