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Ten Interesting Facts About Norway

1. Vikings, who came from Norway and the other two Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Denmark, are depicted to have worn helmets with horns, but there are no archaeological proofs to this. In fact, historians believe that wearing horned helmets could have worked against the close-quarter combat style of Viking warriors. 2. Haakon VII, the first king of Norway after...


Norwegian cuisine

Gravlaks Gravlaks is a Nordic cured salmon dish. Its name in Scandinavian language means “buried salmon” (grav means bury and laks means salmon), because back in the days, fishermen literally buried the fish in the sand to allow fermentation. Today, though, preparation of gravlaks is simpler. The fish is filleted and kept in the freezer for a day. It will then be...

See the northern lights

What to do in Norway

Join a fjord cruise The fjords are ultimately the number one attraction of Norway, and they’ve been wowing guests from different corners of the world. In fact, they all make a wonderful cruise destination. Cruising along the fjords affords you a closer view of the surroundings. You will see up close the forested mountains, the gloriously flowing waterfalls, and the...

Join a fjord cruise

When to visit Norway

When planning a Norwegian holiday, weather should always be the top consideration. Although it experiences milder weather than what is experienced by other countries in the same latitude (i.e., Alaska and Siberia), Norway displays extreme weather at times. During winter, for instance, some areas experience temperature as cold as -40 °C (-40 °F), but some coastal...

Evening view on Bruges. Bergen. Norway

Where to go in Norway

Oslo Serving as Norway’s capital, Oslo is the largest city in the country and one of the largest capitals in Europe in terms of area. It is recognizably cosmopolitan but keeps its cultural sensibilities intact with all of its museums, parks, and art galleries. The Viking Ship Museum, which houses Viking ships and other Viking artifacts, and the Munch Museum, which...