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North Korea

Ten interesting facts on North Korea

1. High mountains cover 80% ofNorth Korea. This earned it the name “a sea in a heavy gale” from European visitors, because of the mountain ranges crisscrossing the peninsula in succession. 2. North Korea maintains the world’s fourth-largest military force. 3. Kim Jong-Il is the current chief of state of North Korea and has been in power since 1994. He is the grandson...


North Korean Cuisine

Dongchimi Dongchimi is Korean White Radish Kimchi – or kimchi with a twist. It is generally regarded as a summer kimchi, falling into the “white” or “water” category of kimchi – a refreshing side dish for the hot summer months. What makes it unique from other types of kimchi is that, instead of being spicy, as kimchi is well known for, dongchimi more sour, with a...

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What to do in North Korea

Shop for souvenirs Shopping for souvenirs is a good thing to do in any country you visit, but it is more so in North Korea. Because very few people have been to this country, a souvenir from North Korea is very rare, and to have North Korean souvenirs means you’re one of the few who has been to the “forbidden land.” Souvenirs that might catch your interest include...

Kumsusan Memorial Palace

Where to go in North Korea

Pyongyang Pyongyang is the national capital of North Korea. It is located on the west-central region of the country, on Taedong River. The International airport of Pyongyang serves various international airlines, with Beijing,China, being the main stopover for flights. There are also trains from China that will take you to the Pyongyang train station. There are many...


When to visit North Korea

Due to its location,North Korea experiences a continental climate similar to the United States but with a few differences in the length and severity of the seasons. The winters in North Korea, from December to February, are influenced by the winds that blow to the country from Siberia. Winters are long and cold, with Pyongyang having an average high and low...