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Ten Interesting Facts about Nigeria

1. Nigeria takes its name from the Niger River, the third largest river in Africa. 2. Nigeria is one of sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest growing economies. 3. Nigeria has one of the world’s greatest birth rates for twins. 4. It is Africa’s most populous country and one of the continent’s top oil producers. 5. The largest butterfly diversity in the world can be found in...


Nigerian Cuisine

Jollof rice Jollof rice is a popular dish not only in Nigeria but also the rest of western Africa. It is also called benachin, which means “one pot.” Jollof rice has many variations, stemming from the number of localities that are fond of cooking this dish. The common main ingredients in its preparation are rice, tomato paste, tomatoes, red pepper, onion, and salt...

Take a picnic on the banks of the Azumini Blue River

What to do in Nigeria

Take a bath in the Wikki Warm Spring The Wikki Warm Spring is actually a lake that is 200 meters (656 feet) long and 10 meters (33 feet) wide. Bathing in the Wikki Warm Spring is something tourists from all over the world look forward to. The spring, located near the camp site of the Yankari National Park, is one of its major attractions. The waters of the Wikki Warm...

Zuma Rock

Where to go in Nigeria

Kano Kano is West Africa’s oldest city, founded over a thousand years ago. It is also the third largest city in Nigeria. Kano used to serve as a major stopover point on the trade routes that stretched across the Sahara. In the Middle Ages, Kano was also a very important Islamic center. It may be worthy to note that alcohol has been banned in Kano since 2004, as it is...

Osun Sacred Grove

When to Visit Nigeria

Nigeria experiences typical African weather throughout most of the year – a hot and humid climate that peaks in the spring. The annual average temperature in the country is at 26.4 °C (80 °F). The average maximum temperature is usually highest in February and March, at 33 °C (91 °F). The lowest average minimum temperature, on the other hand, occurs in August, at 21...