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Ten Interesting Facts about Morocco

1. Friday is considered a holy day in Islam. On this day, Muslim workers spend half an hour of their lunch break at the mosque before going back to work. 2. Establishing eye contact with and smiling at a person of opposite sex is seen as a hint of romantic interest. 3. If somebody refuses to take no for an answer, you can instead say “Insha’Allah (if God wills it).”...

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Morrocan cuisine

Tajine Tajine is a popular Moroccan dish that takes its name from the special clay cooking pot where it is prepared, that is, the tajine pot. The tajine pot is a heavy clay cookware with two parts: a very low-sided pot and a large dome-shaped cover specially designed to return all condensation back into the cooking pot, so the food never dries out even after a long...

Visit the leather factories in Fez

What to do in Morocco

Lodge in a traditional Moroccan home What better way to fully savor a Moroccan escapade and experience the authentic Moroccan lifestyle than by actually living in a riad? Riads are traditional Moroccan houses – many of which are now renovated into reasonably priced hotels. Moroccan riads are famous for having an interior garden or patio. In fact, the literal...