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Ten interesting facts about Mongolia

1. Mongolian superstition says that if you do not shake the hand of a person whose foot you accidentally stepped on, you and that person will become enemies – so do not be surprised if a person who just tromped on your foot suddenly shakes your hand. 2. Mongolians believe that if you see a shooting star, that means somebody is dying, so instead of making a wish, they...


Mongolian Cuisine

Buuz Buuz is Mongolia’s version of the classic meat-filled steamed dumplings that are so popular in the South and Southeast Asian regions. The meat used for buuz may be beef or mutton. Before the meat is put into the dumpling, it is first mixed with seasonings such as salt, garlic, onion, sprouted fennel seeds, and other herbs. These steamed dumplings are typically...

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What to do in Mongolia

Ride a camel While in the Gobi Desert, you may want to try riding the camel. This activity is quite popular among those who are touring the Bayanzag. The Gobi Desert is famous for two things: (1) the dinosaur fossils that have been dug from there and (2) the various species of flora and fauna found there that are not commonly found in other parts of the world. You...

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Where to go in Mongolia

Sükhbaatar Square The Sükhbaatar Square, situated in Ulaanbaatar, was named after Damdin Sükhbaatar, a revolution leader whose statue also stands in the square. Sükhbaatar’s statue stands on the spot where the leader’s horse urinated during a rally on July 8, 1921. The horse’s act was perceived as a good omen, a marker was buried on the spot, and in 1946, the statue...

Bogd Khan Palace Museum

When to go to Mongolia

Mongolia experiences extreme weather conditions. Winters can be harsh. Summers are short and experiences rainfall. The winter season starts in November and continues until February. The average temperature during the season is ­–20 °C or –13 °F. The country experiences spring from March to May. During the season, the wind can be very strong and can often lead to...