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Ten interesting facts about Micronesia

1. Although Micronesia is composed of four culturally different states, the country seems to say that all four are solidly bonded together. The national flag, which has four stars (the states) over a blue background (the West Pacific Ocean), symbolizes this unity. 2. Micronesia has very few published writers, but its islands have inspired some fictional works. Nan...


Micronesian Cuisine

Food holds a significant position in the Micronesian tradition. Specifically, traditional and ceremonial celebrations are marked with festivities, with a large quantity of traditional foods served to everyone. Imported foods have slowly replaced traditional recipes in FSM, but traditional food items can still be sampled in this island country. Sakau Made from pepper...

What to do in Micronesia

Check out the stone money The intact traditional culture of Yap leaves many visitors in awe, and one of the greatest attractions is Yap’s stone money. Locally called rai, the stone money is in the shape of a donut and about one to twelve feet in diameter. It was formed out of crystalline calcite from limestone caves and was said to be produced 2,000 years ago. Only...

Sokehs Rock

Where to go in Micronesia

Nan Madol Ruins A stone city located in the eastern shore of the state of Pohnpei, Nan Madol is mainly composed of 90 man-made islets connected by canals and enclosed by stone walls. The city, also known as the Venice of the Pacific, was built as the residence of ancient royalties during the Saudeleur dynasty. Some islets served as mortuaries, and others were used...


When to visit Micronesia

Like any other islands near the equator, Micronesia experiences a nice tropical weather all year. It enjoys an average temperature of 26°C (80°F), with the coldest temperature peaking at 21°C (70°F). This kind of weather leaves Micronesia in nice shades of color and makes the country perfect for any kind of activity. Here you’ll get an alluring combination of sun...