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Ten Interesting Facts About Mauritius

1. Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa and the 17th most densely populated country in the world. 2. Among all developing countries, Mauritius has the highest life expectancy at 73 years. 3. The legendary dodo bird was found only in Mauritius before it became extinct. 4. Despite its extinction, the dodo remains Mauritius’ national animal. 5...

Fresh venison on the background of antlers and spruce

Mauritian Cuisine

Venison In case you didn’t know, venison means deer meat. Because deer hunting is popular in Mauritius, there is likewise an abundant supply of deer meat in various parts of the island. There are many ways to cook venison, but grilling is one of the most popular ways. To make grilled venison, the deer meat is sliced into fillets, coated with a dressing made of sesame...

Couple running on the beach

What to do in Mauritius

Try deep sea fishing The rich waters of Mauritius make it a very attractive fishing spot. Mauritius holds several world fishing records, including catches of a mako shark at 1,115 pounds, a bonito at 41.5 pounds, a blue shark at 400 pounds, a “bécune” at 125 pounds, and a white tuna at 224 pounds. The best time to fish in Mauritius is between November and April, when...

Waterfront in Port Louis, Mauritius

Where to go in Mauritius

Grand Bay Grand Bay was the first place in Mauritius that experienced a tourism boom, all thanks to its lively spirit and breathtaking leisure spots. Grand Bay is where all the local Mauritians go if they wish to spend a good night out. Restaurants, disco halls, and bars line the street, illuminating the place after hours. The beaches are fine destinations as well...

Statues of Shiva and Shakti

When to visit Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical country with a typical tropical climate. The heat is year-round, perfect for beach lovers. The summer months of Mauritius are from November to April, when the humidity is at it highest, and the cold season runs from May to October, which is just a bit cooler and drier than summer. The best time to visit the country is from the months of May to...