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Ten Interesting Facts about Malawi

1. The Malawians’ first European contact was with the Portuguese. They traded ivory, iron – and slaves. 2. It was the Portuguese introduced maize to the region. Today, maize is still the staple grain of Malawi. 3. Lake Malawi was once called “The Lake of the Stars” by the famed Scottish explorer David Livingstone, because lantern lights he saw from the...

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Malawian Cuisine

Malawi is a heavily agricultural society. For this reason, most of the produce is locally grown, and imported food are considered a luxury. Nsima Just as the Americans have mashed potatoes and the Indians need rice at each meal, the Malawians have nsima to go along with their dishes. Nsima is a type of porridge made from maize, shredded into kernels, and then rolled...


What to do in Malawi

Enjoy the water – and waterside – activities Like a shard of blue crystal creating a watery buffer between Malawi and the countries of Mozambique and Tanzania is Lake Malawi. The famed lake is 560 kilometers long and 75 kilometers wide. It is dotted with small islets and isolated coves that could be reached by boat. With so much water around, kayaking and canoeing...

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Where to Go in Malawi

 Liwonde National Park Occupying a long strip of woodland along the east bank of the Shire River, Liwonde National Park offers a one-of-a-kind safari experience. Here, you can enjoy a boat safari, which runs along the course of the river. Hippos and crocodiles share these waters, and you may count yourself lucky to see these animals as they hunt for prey. The river...

Cape Maclear / Lake Malawi National Park

When to Visit Malawi

Malawi has a tropical climate, so it has two main seasons: summer (warm and dry) and rainy (wet and warm). Much of the country lies on a plateau, with elevations that could reach up to 1,000 meters above sea level. In these much cooler regions, temperatures can go only as high as 25 °C (77 °F) during the day and drops to 14 °C (57 °F) at night. The lower coastal...