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Ten interesting facts about Macedonia

1. Of all the Yugoslav territories, Macedonia was the only one that gained independence peacefully. 2. The flag of Macedonia was voted as the second best flag by the World Almanac’s editors in 2002. (First place was given to Bhutan’s flag, and third place belonged to Kiribati.) 3. The first Slavic school, Ohrid Literary School, was established in Macedonia by Saint...


Macedonian Cuisine

Macedonian cuisine extensively reflects gastronomical influences from the Middle East and other Balkan countries. And these influences make Macedonian cuisine all the more interesting. Dairy products, wine, and coffee figure prominently in Macedonian cuisine, while stews and soups are traditionally served. When in Macedonia, make sure to have a taste of the...

Go on a hiking adventure

What to do in Macedonia

Try paragliding What better way to enjoy the Macedonian scenery than viewing it from up in the air? Paragliding offers a different kind of thrill, an over-the-top experience, and a special view of the Macedonian landscape. No worries if you haven’t tried it before, because you can do tandem flying, wherein a pilot will steer your paraglider while you are seated right...

Lake Prespa

Where to go in Macedonia

Ohrid Ohrid is the cultural capital of Macedonia. Its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site highly speaks of its cultural value, historical significance, and innate beauty. The name Ohrid actually refers to the city and the lake. The city ofOhrid, which lies on the lake’s fringes, is renowned for being the home of Christianity for the Slavic people and in fact...


When to visit Macedonia

Macedonia spans three climatic zones – Mediterranean, mountainous, and continental – so it has varied climates. Mediterranean climate is prominently felt in Dojran, the Gevgelija-Valandovo ravines, and the Strumica-Radovis ravines. Summer there is long and dry, with July, the hottest month, recording an average summer temperature of 25 °C (77 °F). The temperature can...