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When to visit Macau

Macau is characterized by a humid subtropical climate similar to that of neighboring Hongkong. Lying on China’s southern coast, Macau experiences frequent rains. The humidity in the atmosphere maintains a slightly above-average level throughout the entire year, ranging from 75% to 90%. During the summer months of July to September, humidity soars high along with the...

Cathedral of Saint Paul in Macao (Sao Paulo Church)

Ten Interesting Facts About Macau

1. Macau is the only place in China where you can gamble legally. 2. Fifty percent of Macau’s revenue comes from gambling, and 20% of its population are employed by the casinos. 3. Macau is the last Asian country to remain a European colony. The last Portuguese governor left it in 1999. 4. It was also the first Asian country ever to be colonized, when the Portuguese...

salted codfish on the wooden table with ingredients

Macanese Cuisine

Bacalhau (codfish) One thing the Macanese people inherited from the Portuguese after the latter’s colonial rule in Macau is the love for bacalhau dishes. This is a regular on the menu of most Macanese restaurants and eateries. Bacalhau, a staple Portuguese dish, is made of dried slices of codfish. Codfishes can be grilled, braised, or baked after desalting for at...


What to do in Macau

Play in the Casino When you are in Macau, this activity is practically inevitable – you have to visit the casinos. After all, the gambling industry is what makes Macau; it is Asia’s number one gambling destination. In this country, the megacasino business, which annually attracts more than two million tourists from China alone, is the prime economic booster. Some of...

Church and museum of the Convent of San Marco timelapse hyperlapse, on Piazza San Marco. Famous for frescoes decorating the cells. Blue sky at summer day

Where to go in Macau

St. Dominic Church St. Dominic Church, locally known as the Sto. Domingo Church, is among the oldest yet the most breathtaking of all the worship houses in Macau. This yellow Baroque-inspired church with emerald framings is an easy standout amidst the busy Leal Senado plaza of the old city. Three Spanish Dominican priests built the wooden church in 1587, and it was...