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Ten interesting facts about Kyrgyzstan

1. Kyrgyzstan’s walnut forests are among the world’s largest natural forests of this type. 2. “Manas,” a narration of the migration of the Kyrgyz under the Manas leadership, is one of the world’s longest epics. 3. The city of Osh was an important commercial center in the 10th century as part of the Silk Road, the trade route between China and Europe. 4. The Inylchek...


What to eat in Kyrgyzstan

Beshbarmak Beshbarmak is a very popular Kyrgyz dish. “Besh” can be translated to five, and “barmak” can be translated to finger. The dish is named so because it was originally meant to be eaten with your fingers, not with a spoon and fork. The simple version of beshbarmak is made with noodles, topped with boiled meat, and served with a mildly spicy sauce. Bouillon is...

Hike in the mountains

What to do in Kyrgyzstan

Relax at a natural spa Kyrgyzstan, with its mountains and all the natural water flowing down from the peaks, is well known for the natural spa services that it offers to tourists. Visitors who wish to have a relaxing getaway have a variety of options all over the country for spa services. One of the popular places for spa relaxation is Djalal Abad, a city that has...

Tash Rabat

Where to go in Kyrgyzstan

Issyk Kul Lake The Issyk Kul Lake is one of the major tourist attractions of the country. This lake is the tenth largest in the world by volume, and is also endorheic, meaning the lake does not flow into a sea or ocean. The name Issyk Kul translates to “warm lake.” The lake is named so not because of warm water temperatures, but because the lake never freezes even...

Altyn Arashan

When to go to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country with four seasons, with winters occurring during the months of November to February. Because winter is made even colder by Siberian winds, staying in the mountains during this time is very difficult and could be dangerous. The average lowest temperature in the country during winter is -24°C (-11.2°F). Spring begins in the months of April and...