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Ten Interesting Facts About Kenya

1. Kenya is roughly the same size of Texas at 362,040 square miles. 2. After coffee, Kenya’s biggest income generator is tourism. 3. For the Kenyans, however, coffee is considered an export product, not something for local consumption. The local favorites are tea and beer. 4. Kenyans usually drink their beverages hot or at room temperature. Hot beer, anyone? 5. Some...

Nyama choma

Kenyan Cuisine

Wali Wali is a popular meal in Kenya, and more so along the Kenyan coast where the Swahili and Mijikenda tribes live. Wali is basically rice that is boiled and cooked in coconut milk, giving it a smooth and creamy texture. Wali can be eaten as a snack in small amounts, or as a full meal in big amounts. There are palm trees growing all along the Kenyan coast, making...

Go bird watching

What to do in Kenya

Go on a wildlife safari In a country that has as many wildlife reserves as Kenya, going on a safari is one of the top activities. The number of species you can see in Kenya’s different national parks is amazing. From lions to cheetah, giraffes to rhinos, gazelles to wildebeest – Kenya is teeming with wildlife. There is a chance that you might not see them all in a...

Mount Kenya

Where to go in Kenya

Maasai Mara The Maasai Mara Game Reserve is believed to be one of the greatest wildlife reserves in the whole of Africa. With 200 square miles of woodlands, plains, rivers, and forests, the reserve simply known as the Mara serves as home to a diverse and extensive animal community. The Mara is host to the Great Wildebeest Migration. Every July to October, roughly 1.3...

Two young lions. Two small young lions go on savanna. A yellow grass. The morning sun.

When to visit Kenya

Kenya has a very diverse geography. This diversity means that there is a distinct variation in the temperatures, rainfall levels, and humidity levels in the country. In fact, four climate zones have been determined in Kenya. Western Kenya is hot and rainy, with the heaviest rainfall in April at 200mm. Temperature range throughout the year is from 14°C (57.2°F) to...