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Ten Interesting Facts about Italy

1. The average Italian consumes 60 liters of wine and 30 kilograms, or 66 pounds, of pasta per year. 2. The world’s most popular sports cars are made in Italy; these include the Lamborghini, the Ferrari, and the Alfa Romeo, to name a few. 3. Some of the police cars in Italy are Lamborghinis. 4. Italy has two independent states lying within its territory: the San...


Italian Cuisine

Wild Boar Stew Of all regions in Italy, Tuscany is at the very heart of country cooking. The goodness of the freshest produce gives Tuscan cuisine its distinguished taste. Roasted meats may comprise of duck, pheasant, rabbit, pigeon, and free-range chicken. Wild boar is a popular delicacy in the region due to the abundance of its meat source. Cinghiale in Umido is a...

Ride a gondola

What to do in Italy

Visit the world’s smallest state With only 44 hectares, Vatican City is the tiniest independent state in the world. Although the renowned city operates as an absolute monarchy, with the leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope, as its head of state, it is geographically within Rome and is an easy place to visit when you are in Italy. The astounding collection of...


Where to Go in Italy

Rome The capital Rome is filled with ancient ruins, palaces, daunting churches and world-class museums. Within the historic center lies the Forum, which was the assembly place during the golden age of the Roman Empire. Close by are ageless monuments such as the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and the Colosseum. Trevi Fountain is a destination for both the...


When to Visit Italy

Italy’s climate is an essential factor to consider when deciding on travel schedules. Though the country is blessed with a generally temperate climate due to its Mediterranean location, it can also vary depending on the preferred destination’s proximity to the sea or mountains. The best time to visit the country is anytime between early spring and autumn. The...