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Ten Interesting Facts About Israel

1. Israel’s bank notes have Braille markings on them so that the blind can identify them easily. 2. Israel spends more money for security than any other country in the world. 3. Despite Israel’s tiny geographical scale, the country’s air force is one of the largest in the world, exceeded in size only by those of the United States, Russia, and China. 4. All Israeli...


Israeli Cuisine

Sabich Sabich is a popular fast food in Israel. It almost falls second to falafel, the fried chickpea ball that is widely considered the national fast food. Sabich’s popularity is due to the combined flavors of each of the ingredients. Pita bread is stuffed with fried eggplant, hard-boiled egg, hummus, pickled mangos, pickled cucumbers, salad, and steamed potatoes...

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What to do in Israel

Pray at the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) The Western Wall, located in Old City, Jerusalem, is the remnant of King Herod’s enclosure structure, which supported the Second Temple, an important Jewish shrine. The Romans destroyed the temple in 70 AD to the utter grief of the Jewish people. For centuries, Jews lamented at this wall for the destruction of their temple...

Jerusalem Old City at Temple Mount

Where to go in Israel

Jerusalem Jerusalem, Israel’s capital and its largest city, is a place ascribed as holy, not just because of its biblical significance but more because of it being home to the three great monotheistic religions in the world: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. There is a notably harmonious co-existence among these three, as evidenced by the close proximity of these...

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When to go to Israel

Israel has four seasons, but spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) are considered the best times for a visit because of their mild weather. During these seasons, Tel Aviv typically experiences temperatures ranging from 16 to 24°C (61 to 75°F). Jerusalem and Golan Heights are a bit colder, while Eilat is a little warmer. The country experiences...