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Ten interesting facts about India

1. Several mathematical principles and systems were invented in India. These include the decimal system, calculus, trigonometry, and algebra. 2. Mosques in India number around 300,000. There are more mosques in India than in any other Muslim country. 3. There is no place in the world that has a greater number of post offices than India. 4. It was the Buddhist...


Indian Cuisine

Karam ka saag One of India’s staple dishes is karam ka saag, or hak in Kashmir. Karam ka saag is made from collards boiled in a mixture of water, salt, chili, cloves, and other Indian spices. It takes about thirty minutes of cooking for the leaves to become tender. Nowadays, some people cook karam ka saag with a pressure cooker to save time. Karaam ka saag is often...

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What to do in India

Take a Ganges River boat ride Varanasi is a city located on the banks of the holy river of Ganges. This river is more than just a body of water for Hindus; it is considered the embodiment of a goddess. You can gain more insights into the importance of this river through an early morning boat ride at the Ganges. Taking dips and offering prayers and candles are common...


Where to go in India

Delhi Delhi gives new meaning to the phrase sprawling capital. The city fans out for miles and miles, merging the fast-paced bustle of a modern metropolis with the charm of the old world. The capital often leaves many visitors intimidated by its size and scope, but that’s not a problem if you know where to go. For starters, you can visit Old Delhi, the cramped...


When to visit India

There are some 2,000 miles in between the northern and southern tips of India, and those tips are likely to have very different weather conditions. The seasons are loosely labeled as hot, wet, and cool. The months of April to June can be very hot and dry, especially in the areas of Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan, with average temperatures of 38 to 40 °C (100 to 104 °F)...