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Ten Interesting Facts About Iceland

1. Many Icelanders do not have a family name. The children are given a first name, then the father’s name plus the Icelandic version of “son” to serve as the child’s second name if it is a boy or the Icelandic word for “daughter” if it’s a girl. For example, if Jon named his son Thor, the child will acquire the name Thor Jonsson. If it is a daughter named Hafdis, she...


Icelandic Cuisine

Whale meat Many tourists to Iceland love checking out its restaurants that serve whale meat. In fact, there are only a few places in the world where you can eat Minke whale, and Iceland is one of them Whaling is actually a long-time tradition in the country. However, this age-old practice has become a cause of controversy at certain times, especially with groups that...

Horseback Riding

What to do in Iceland

Hiking There are many great spots in the country where you can indulge in this activity. Actually, hiking is one of the most favored activities of many visitors to Iceland. Among the different variations of hiking, glacier hiking is one of the most popular types, not only among tourists, but among the locals as well. You can also opt to hike in other places of...


Where to go in Iceland

Landmannalaugar Landmannalaugar can be reached by bus or by riding a 4×4 if you will be coming from Reykjavík. There are many unique geological elements in the place that make this a popular attraction among tourists who love hiking. There are numerous mountains that display a variation of colors, such as black, white, brown, purple, green, blue, pink, and...


When to visit Iceland

Iceland has a temperate climate. It experiences a mild and windy winter season, while the weather during summer is cool. The weather condition in the country is brought about by its distinctive geological position. During winter, snowfall is common in the island’s northern region. In general, the south coast of the country is warmer, more windy and wetter than the...