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Victoria Harbour

Where to Go in Hong Kong

 Ocean Park Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s “grand dame” of theme parks. First opening in 1977, the park encompasses over 870,000 square meters (214 acres) of land on the southern portion of Hong Kong Island. Park visitors are definitely in for a treat, with the various exhibits, amusement rides and special shows, featuring a wide assortment of animals from the depths of...

The Giant Buddha

Ten Interesting Facts about Hong Kong

1. The name Hong Kong translates to “fragrant harbor,” derived from the two Chinese characters heung and gong. 2. Hong Kong has a population of more than 7 million people occupying a small mass of land, making it one of the most densely packed areas in the world. 3. Numerology guides the daily activities of Hong Kong Chinese. Lucky numbers are 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9...

 Stinky Tofu

Hong Kong Cuisine

 Stinky Tofu Stinky tofu, as its name suggests, is characterized by its strong foul odor, which can pose a worthy challenge for people with a taste for the extraordinary. The pungent smell actually comes from the fermented bean curd, which is deep fried and dipped in sauce choices like chili, hoisin, and bean paste. Other people prefer mixing the three sauces...

ocean park hong kong

When to Visit Hong Kong

There is no specific “perfect time to enjoy Hong Kong’s attractions and recreational activities. Any month of the year brings its own brand of amusement, but of course, it would help to know how when Hong Kong experiences fair weather. Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with four seasons. Between December to February, cool dry winters usually have average...

Hop on the Star Ferry to cross the harbor

What to do in Hong Kong

 Eat yum cha and dim sum Yum cha and dim sum is a time-honored Cantonese tradition usually done in the morning or afternoon. Yum cha means ‘drinking tea’ while dim sum translates to ‘from the heart’. For Hong Kong people, sipping hot Chrysanthemum tea and biting into tiny morsels of dumplings bring sweet relief from their daily undertakings. Dim sum includes a...