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Ten interesting facts about Greenland

1. In Viking legends, Greenland is described exactly as its name suggests: a green, fertile land. Today, however, only around 16% of Greenland is actually green. The rest of the land is covered with ice. 2. Despite having a land area the size of Mexico, Greenland has no road or railway system. Traveling between towns and villages is done by plane, helicopter, boat...

 Arctic Char

Kalaallit Cuisine

Suaasat In every household and gathering, expect a bowl of suaasat served on the dinner table. This very nutritious soup is regarded as a traditional dish in Greenland. Suaasat is made from ingredients commonly found in the Arctic wastelands. Seal, whale, caribou, and even bird meat form the base of the soup. Onions, potatoes, and carrots are added to the boiling...

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What to do in Greenland

Be dazzled by the northern lights If there is one thing about Greenland that makes your trip a truly humbling experience, it is the sight of the fascinating Aurora Borealis. Imagine standing on the icy ground with your eyes looking straight up. Right above, you can see the glow of soft, green light as it gracefully dances against the backdrop of a night sky. The...

Greenland National Park

Where to go in Greenland

Nuuk Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and was founded in 1728 by a missionary named Hans Egede. The first settlement he established was in the Isle of Hope, an inlet near the peninsula where the present town is now located. With a population estimate of around 16,000, Nuuk is among the least populated capitals in the world. Where the town ends, the roads cease to go...


When to visit Greenland

Contrary to what its name implies, Greenland is an island of rock and ice. Though there are patches of green at the edges of craggy fjords, these are unsuited for growing food. Greenlanders rely heavily on the bounty of their coast and the material excess of Denmark for their basic needs. Commodity goods tend to be a bit pricey. Despite being close to the Arctic...