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Ten interesting facts about Greece

Around the world, an estimated 12 million people speak the Greek language. It is widely spoken in Cyprus, Albania, Italy, Turkey, and in the United States. Due to strong family ties, it is rare to find a retirement home in Greece. Families live together, filling the house or compound with various generations of the clan. Structures in the Cyclades Islands are usually...


Greek Cuisine

Tzatziki The Greeks love to eat, which explains their enormous range of cuisine. Greek restaurants can be found in any part of the globe, but nothing beats the taste of dishes that are made with homegrown ingredients and prepared in authentic Greek kitchens. One fine example of a local delicacy is tzatziki, a dipping sauce that accompanies pita bread for a meal’s...

Climb Mount Olympus

What to do in Greece

Party in Little Venice Greece has its own cosmopolitan haven with a renowned sizzling nightlife. Mykonos is a party island at its best, right in the heart of the Cyclades. At the core of the Mykonos entertainment scene is Aleukantras, or Little Venice, a charming district along the harbor’s east side. This harborside area is dotted with two- or three-storey medieval...


Where to go in Greece

Athens Athens holds a great number of Greece’s treasured temples and archaeological sites contained within the tourist-friendly historical center. Work your way through the three-kilometer pedestrian path to get to the ancient landscape for which Athens is known. The welcoming sight of Hadrian’s Arch symbolizes your entry to the city. Nearby is the temple of Zeus...


When to visit Greece

Most travelers plan their visit to Greece during the scorching summer season, thinking that it is the best time to pursue outdoor recreation in the islands. The heat, however, can be very unbearable for those who prefer the city over the beach. The capital, Athens, experiences temperatures exceeding 40 °C (104 °F) during summer. It’s best to book your vacation in...