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Ten Interesting Facts about Germany

1. Adolf Hitler helped create the Volkswagen Beetle. 2. Although it is considered as the beer capital of the world, Germany actually ranks only third in the world for per capita beer consumption. The top beer drinkers are actually from the Czech Republic (number 1) and Ireland (number 2). 3. Everyone’s favorite candy, the Gummy Bears, was invented by Hans Riegel Sr...


German Cuisine

Black Forest cake Who on earth has not heard of the Black Forest cake?  This cake, locally known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, was named after the Black Forest in Germany, where authentic Black Forest cakes are also made.  Though many variants of the Black Forest cake already exist all over the world, there are a few ingredients that are universally found in each and...

Neuschwanstein Castle

What to do in Germany

Join the Oktoberfest Germany is considered the home of good beer, and every year, five million people come to Germany to attend an authentic German Oktoberfest, a festival that has been running since 1810.  The Oktoberfest is a 16- to 18-day fair held at Munich’s Teresienwiese (“the field of Therese”), near the center of the city.  The festival runs from September to...


Where to Go in Germany

Heidelberg Heidelberg is visited by a great number of tourists throughout the year, due to the different events held in this city all year round. One of the most popular events in Heidelberg happens during February. It is called the Ball of the Vampires, or Ball der Vampire. This is a big vampire-themed party, where all attendees are required to look like vampires...


When to Visit Germany

Just like all European countries, Germany has four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Spring is a good time to visit Germany. After a long period of winter, the flowers start to bloom and the weather is perfect for sightseeing and strolls around the city. The weather can still be unpredictable, though, at this time. Sometimes it is sunny; sometimes –...