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Ten Interesting Facts About France

1. As a form of greeting, French people kiss each other’s cheek mostly among friends and family, regardless of gender. The number of kisses shared in a single greeting depends from one region to another, from 1 in Brittany to 4 in Paris. 2. Europe’s largest canyon is found in Verdon Gorge, located in a spot where the Alps meet Provence. It measures 25 kilometers in...


French Cuisine

Local cheeses It is said that when you’re in France, you can actually eat a different kind of cheese for each day of the year! Indeed, France is responsible for bringing to the world some 350 to 400 (or even more!) varieties of cheese. Cheeses from France are known for their superb flavor and texture. Brie, for instance, is a household name around the world, often...

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What to do in France

Visit the Louvre Museum Art connoisseur or not, you can’t – mustn’t – go to France without visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris; it is practically an obligatory part of your itinerary in the capital. The Louvre Museum’s collection of French sculpture and paintings remains unrivalled. More importantly, the exhibitions contain rare items never seen in other museums...


Where to go in France

Paris Paris has many nicknames, but the “City of Lights” is its most well-known moniker. The city’s multitude of street lights or the brightly lit Eiffel Tower may come to mind as an explanation for this title, but it actually stems from the city’s contribution to the Age of Enlightenment: During the 18th century, Paris became the center of learning and reason, when...

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When to go to France

Visiting France in summer is a popular trend among tourists from around the world. Needless to say, it is best to avoid the peak season from May to September when the crowds are spilling over to the streets and accommodations are more expensive. Opt for low season from December to March if you want smaller crowds and discounted hotel rates. The climate in France is...