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Ten interesting facts about Finland

1. Finland is the first country in the world to make broadband connection a legal right.   2. Finland hosts some of the strangest world championships in the world. It holds, among other things, the World Sauna Championships, a Mobile Phone Throwing Championships, and a Wife Carrying World Championship. 3. Sauna forms a significant part of the Finnish culture, and...

 Karelian pasties

Finnish Cuisine

Finnish cuisine is a collaboration of different gastronomical cultures such as Sweden and Russia. Their cuisine may not be as world-renowned as that of, say, Italy and France, and a guest might even need to develop a taste to really appreciate local Finnish food, but what Finns boast about is the abundance of their food supplies. Their forests are teeming with fresh...

Try ice fishing

What to do in Finland

Try Nordic walking Nordic walking, which involves walking with ski-like poles on a non-snowy ground in non-winter surrounding, may look ridiculous – or at least, strange – at first; but this form of exercise is, in fact, quite enjoyable, not to mention a fantastic way to explore the beautiful landscape of Finland. Nordic walking uses poles especially made for...


Where to go in Finland

Helsinki Helsinki, the country’s capital, radiates beauty at every angle. Flaunting a natural seaside city appeal, Helsinki is a world-class modern city that preserves its connection to its history. The fact is, the beauty of the city comes largely from its old architecture. Senate Square, for instance, showcases neoclassical buildings designed by the famous...


When to visit Finland

Finland’s location between the 60° and 70° northern parallels determines its weather, but compared to countries in the same latitude,Finland enjoys higher temperature because of the Baltic Sea and of the Gulf Stream warming the airflows from the Atlantic Ocean. The four seasons distinctively enhance the beauty of Finland. During winter, which is the longest season in...