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Ten Interesting Facts About Fiji

1. Fijians are very friendly and hospitable people. There was a time in the past, though, when Fijians practiced cannibalism as part of a war tradition. 2. A missionary named Thomas Baker became an unfortunate victim of Fijian cannibalism. Only one of his shoes remained. This shoe can now be seen on display in the Fiji Museum. 3. Although Thomas Baker was originally...


Fijian Cuisine

Lovo The lovo is a Fijian delicacy popularly prepared on special events such as weddings and festivals. This is cooked using a makeshift oven made from a hole dug on the ground and lined with coconut husks, which are lit and then covered with stones. Various vegetables, fish, and meats are all wrapped using banana leaves. The wrapped food items are placed on top of...

Stay at a bure

What to do in Fiji

Enjoy water sports Which kind of water sports are you into? Scuba diving? Surfing? Paddle boarding? You name it, Fiji has it. You simply need to know where to go. And if you don’t have a clue about the nice water sports destinations, you can always ask the friendly locals. If you happen to be at Viti Levu, the perfect dive sites would be on the Pacific Harbor and the...

 Orchid Island Cultural Center

Where to go in Fiji

National Museum in Suva When touring the islands, take the chance to learn more about the country’s rich culture and history. Actually, almost all towns in Fiji have small museums that contain locally handmade items and vital artifacts, but the most popular of all the museums in the country is the National Museum in Suva. Also called the Fiji Museum or the Museum of...

Kadavu Island

When to visit Fiji

Fiji’s climate is tropical marine. This means that it is warm all year round, with minimal extremes. On an average day, the temperature is at 25°C, or 77°F. It is good to go any time of the year, but the best time to visit is during the dry season, also called the “Fijian winter,” which happens from May to October. The weather during these months is cooler (22°C or...