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Valley among the mountains in Ethiopia

Ten Interesting Facts About Ethiopia

1. Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in the world that has never been occupied by foreign powers. Italy tried twice but was defeated by the Ethiopians. 2. The Ethiopian calendar has a 13th month consisting of only five to six days. 3. Ethiopia’s clock is 6 hours late. That time of the day that all other countries in Ethiopia’s time zone calls 12 a.m. is only...

St. George Church, carved from solid rock in the shape of a cross, Lalibela, Ethiopia

What to do in Ethiopia

Attend a coffee ceremony Bunna or coffee is an integral part of the Ethiopian culture. Ethiopia is believed to be the very first producer of coffee which is why it has been a part of the country’s culture since early history. All around the country, you will witness the performance of traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. These simple rituals compare to other...

Fasil Ghebbi Royal Enclosure is the remains of a fortress-city within Gondar, Ethiopia. It was founded in the 17th century by Emperor Fasilides and was the home of Ethiopia's emperors.

Where to go in Ethiopia

Blue Nile Falls Only five minutes away from Bahar Dar town lays Blue Nile River’s grandest and most remarkable spectacle – the picturesque Blue Nile Falls. Locally called Tis Isal, or “Smoke of Fire,” the Blue Nile Falls features a 37-to-45-meter cascade that effortlessly awes observers with its powerful surges of crystal clear mountain waters. Spanning 800...

When to visit Ethiopia

Picking a particular time of the year to visit Ethiopia does not spell a problem as the country is characterized by generally friendly weather throughout the year. The prevailing tropical monsoon provides a pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of 16–25 °C (61–77 °F). The dry season, which occurs from October to May, witnesses the clearest and sunniest...