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Ten interesting facts about Botswana

1. The Jwaneng Diamond Mine, located in southern Botswana, is the world’s richest diamond mine. 2. Botswanahas set aside 17% of their land as nature reserves – much more than the recommended 10%. 3. Most Botswanadiamonds are mined by the Desbwana company – 50% owned by DeBeers and 50% owned by the government of Botswana. 4. The word “lekgoa,” which the Batswana often...


Botswana Cuisine

Pap Pap is a staple inBotswana. It is a type of porridge made from ground corn or other kinds of grain. There are different kinds of pap: the slap pap, which is a smooth meal porridge; the stywe pap, which can be firmly held in the hand because of its thick consistency; and the phutu pap, which is crumbly because of its dryness. Pap is also known as ugali in other...

Watch migrating zebra and wildebeests

What to do in Botswana

Visit the Moremi Game Reserve The Moremi Game Reserve is a national park inBotswanathat has received several commendations. One of these awards is the title of being the “best game reserve inAfrica,” conferred by the African Travel and Tourism Association at Indaba, the premier tourism fair in South Africa. The Moremi Game Reserve is the first African reserve that...

Baines’ Baobabs

Where to go in Botswana

Okavango Delta The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness destinations and is sought after by tourists, photographers, and researchers alike. Going to the Okavango Delta brings you through several unique landscapes, from wetland to dryland. Just the journey itself is already an adventure as you find your way through the world’s biggest...


When to visit Botswana

Botswana has a semiarid climate that is dry and hot for most of the year. However, during the summer months, the country experiences a rainy season that is characterized by unpredictable rainfall. The summer season of Botswana is from November to March. The country experiences very high temperatures during this season, which is tempered by the rains. The winter...