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Ten Interesting Facts about Bangladesh

1. The Royal Bengal Tiger is Bangladesh’s national animal. This majestic creature has a roar that can be heard up to 3 kilometers away. Unfortunately, it is now an endangered species. 2. Cricket is the most popular sport in the country. In 1999, its national cricket team was part of the World Cup, and in 2000, it received Test status, an honor in the sport for it is...


Bangladeshi Cuisine

Payesh Payesh is a sweet traditional dish found in many South Asian nations. It can be made using a base of broken wheat or boiled rice. The base is mixed with other ingredients, such as sugar, milk, and flavorings – raisins, cardamom, saffron, and pistachios. Payesh can be served alone, but it can also be served during a meal. Pakora Pakora is a fried snack that can...

safari bangladesh

What to do in Bangladesh

Go on a safari adventure Get your fill of the safari experience at the Chittagong Hill districts and within the vicinity of Sundarbans. Many tourists in the country would want to see the Royal Bengal Tiger, which can now only be found in a few countries, one of which is Bangladesh. Experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with animals in their natural...

Pancharatna Govinda Temple in Puthia, Bangladesh.

Where to go in Bangladesh

Dhakeshwari National Temple The Dhakeshwari National Temple is a very popular Hindu temple that can be found in Dhaka, particularly at the southwest of the Salimullah Hall of Dhaka University. The meaning of Dhakeshwari is “Goddess of Dhaka.” This temple has become knwons as the “National Temple” of Bangladesh because the temple is owned by the state. Dhakeshwari...

Saint Martin’s Island

When to visit Bangladesh

The climate in Bangladesh can be described as a tropical monsoon, with moderately warm temperatures, high humidity levels, and typically rain-bearing winds. Its climate is actually one of the wettest in the whole world. Most of the places here receive heavy rainfall. During summer, from April to September, it is usually hot and rainy. The maximum temperatures are in...