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Ten interesting facts about Algeria

1. Over 90% of Algeria is covered by the Sahara desert. 2. Albert Camus, the Nobel Prize winner and world-renowned French writer, was born in Algeria in 1913. His family was called pied-noir, a term used to describe French people living in Algeria during the colonial years. 3. Alcoholic drinks are seldom found in Algeria, largely because of the country’s Islamic...


Algerian Cuisine

Pastilla Pastilla is a meat pie that fuses sweet and salty flavors. It is quite a laborious dish to make in the traditional way – but there are easier recipes available nowadays. Chicken is usually used for the meat filling. The meat is spiced very well, cooked in broth, shredded, and wrapped in layers of warka, a very thin sheet of dough. The resulting pastilla is...

Explore the Sahara

What to do in Algeria

Explore the Sahara No visit to Algeria will ever be complete without you having traversed the Sahara desert. The part of the Sahara that is found in Algeria showcases the desert at its classic best, with sand dunes, rock formations, plateaus, oases, and rocky patches of land. Sahara tours allow you to visit different destinations – Djanet, Tikoubaouine, and Tassili...


Where to go in Algeria

Tassili n’Ajjer National Park Located in the Sahara desert, Tassili n’Ajjer National Park is an undisputable national treasure, giving visitors a glimpse into an interesting landscape and a cultural heritage. The national park is characterized by a rock forest of sandstone, completing a great panoramic scene. And interestingly, although covered by sandstone, the...


When to visit Algeria

The diversity in Algeria’s climate is apparent in the entire country, so when planning a trip, make sure to schedule it around the time when the weather is at its most pleasant. In the Sahara desert, the weather is usually extreme. Daytime temperature averages at 34 °C (93 °F). At night, the temperature plunges to as low as –10 °C (14 °F). Generally, though, it is...