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What to do in Marshall Islands

Go fishing

The waters surrounding the Marshall Islands provide several excellent deep-sea fishing opportunities. The Longar Point area in Arno Atoll is known for its marlin, mahi-mahi, and sailfish, and the waters near Mejit are known for its lobsters and octopus, to name a few.

Fishing enthusiasts might find it surprising to see the advanced fishing technology on the Marshall Islands. This high specialization in fishing is due to it being a primary way of living for the Marshallese. The bountiful fishing environments, with a great variety in fish species, have led to the creation of highly-developed fishing techniques.

Fishing enthusiasts will undoubtedly find fishing on the islands a memorable experience. The rich fishing spots will have fish literally almost “jumping” into the fishing boats, and you would be fishing in the company of people who have a true love and understanding of the craft. Because of this, the Marshall Islands can truly be considered a fisherman’s haven.

Enjoy the nightlife

Enjoy the nightlifeThe nightlife on theMarshall Islands is something that you must experience during your visit. If you are the type that really enjoys nights out drinking with friends and strangers alike, then the nightlife there would be a huge part of your vacation.

Once the sun sets, the serene landscape of the Marshall Islands turns into a bustling array of nightclubs, pubs, bars, and discos. A far cry from the peaceful beaches that the islands are known for, nightfall brings out the more adventuorus and fun side of the Marshall Islands and its residents.

Most of the happenings are in Majuro, though there is no shortage of similar establishments in most of the other isands. After a hard day’s work, the Marshallese know how to unwind – and tourists often unwind with them as they dance and drink their worries away.

The Marshall Islands may be most popularly known for the sun and the sand, but the sand is still fun when the sun isn’t around!

Explore the waters

Explore the watersThe diving spots in the Marshall Islands are known all over the world because of their crystal clear waters and constant water temperatures – conditions perfect for all forms of diving.

Some of the popular diving spots in the Marshall Islands are found in the Majuro and Arno Atolls. In the Majuro Lagoon, there are pinnacles of coral rising from the depths of the lagoon, with various species of fish and other marine life living in the corals.

The Kalalen Pass, on the other hand, is famous for allowing you to dive with sharks. There are several shark species commonly seen in the area, one of which is the Silvertip Shark – a shark that can grow to lengths of more than eight feet!

Wreck diving is also popular in the Marshall Islands, which has an abundance of wreck diving spots. These wrecks, instead of being junk debris, have become artificial reefs that serve as homes to aquatic animals. Of note is the wreckage of a US B-24 Bomber aircraft, found just a few feet below the surface – a rare sight for snorkelers!

Go shopping

go shopping marshall islandsShopping is so much fun in the Marshall Islands! The unification of the various cultures of several occupying nations in the country’s colorful history have led to several international brands being present in the Marshall Islands, as well as the creation of native items that have unique cultural blends.

A short list of items you may find of interest in stores all over Marshall Islands include kili handbags, purses, model canoes, baskets, floor mats, fans, and the ever-popular shell necklaces. These handicraft items are the most popular souvenir items in the country because of their expert craftsmanship.
Food items are likewise sought after in Marshall Islands, most popular of which are the dried seafood items. These are prepared and packed fresh from catching, ensuring that you get the best quality seafood. You can take these items back home to share with your family and friends to give them a fleeting taste of the fresh seafood in the Marshall Islands.

Visit a clam farm

Giant ClamOn Mili Atoll, on a remote island named Wau, is the RRE Clam Farm. The Clam Farm is able to spawn roughly 100,000 clams per year – a production rate that can meet the world’s constant demand for aquarium clams.

You can take a quick tour of the farm to see how aquarium are cultivated. There are two species of clams grown on the farm, namely the Squamosa and Maxima – both known for having brighter colors than many other species of clams.

You can also see the lustrous black pearls, which have been produced in the RRE Clam Farm since 1994.

There is an eco-resort near the clam farm. Visitors can stay there, in cottages on the beach, as they take in the island’s simple beauty.