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Cross-section ripe fruit of giant Jack-fruit.

Marshallese Cuisine


Cross-section ripe fruit of giant Jack-fruit.Probably the most popular crop in the Marshall Islands, breadfruit is available practically everywhere and prepared in every way imaginable.

It is a staple in Marshallese food, so there is an abundance of breadfruit trees in the country. The trees are planted in a foot-deep hole, and then the hole is filled with several kinds of compost. Soil is then added, along with fertilizer in the form of rotted coconut gratings.

Breadfruit can be served in a variety of ways – from milky salads to fried chips to eating the slices as is. They can even be preserved so that they can be eaten out-of-season.

Barramundi cod

Barramundi codIn a country of islands surrounded by bountiful fishing waters, it goes to say that the seafood there is always fresh.

One of the most delectable fish dishes served in restaurants around the Marshall Islands is barramundi cod. Caught fresh every day, this fish is often cooked in a wrapping of banana leaves. The leaves make sure that the heat is trapped while cooking, leading to juicy fish meat. At the same time, cooking the fish in the leaves helps to eliminate the strong fishy smell of the barramundi cod.

Barramundi cod, along with other fish that are caught around the islands, will definitely taste delicious because of its freshness.

Roasted chestnuts

Roasted chestnutsIn America, roasted chestnuts are most popular during Christmas time. If you constantly crave for roasted chestnuts even outside the Yuletide season, then you will feel that it’s Christmas every day in the Marshall Islands.

Roasted chestnuts are a favorite delicacy on the islands. They are sold at stalls everywhere, especially in the markets. Prepared by cooking them amidst hot pieces of coal, these chestnuts can be eaten at any time of the day.

If you’re visiting the Marshall Islands, and are looking for a quick snack, have your fill of their roasted chestnuts. You may even want to sing a Christmas carol or too while you’re at it!

Roast chicken

Roast chickenWhat’s so special about roast chicken, you ask? True, roast chicken is very easy to find in restaurants back where you come from. However, in the Marshall Islands, their definition of freshly roasted chicken takes on a whole new level.

On some of the Outer Islands such as Roi-Namur, chickens are raised right in the restaurant’s or guest house’s backyards. If you want roast chicken, you can choose which one you want from the pen and the restaurant staff will kill, clean, and cook it right in front of your eyes.

Because the chicken is cooked right after killing it, the meat is at its juiciest. You can be assured that you are served 100% fresh meat – a rarity nowadays in most countries.

Fried prawns

Fried prawnsSimilar to the fresh fish caught around the Marshall Islands, the prawns are brought to the kitchen fresh from the catch. Once in the kitchen, these seafood staples can be prepared in a variety of ways.

One of the more popular varieties of prawns in Marshall Islands is the spicy fried prawns. The prawns are first shelled and cleaned before being deep-fried. Once cooked, the prawns are served with a spicy sauce glazed all over them.

Spicy fried prawns can be enjoyed as a snack, an appetizer, or as the main course. Either way, just be sure to have lots of drinking water on hand!