If you happen to visit the country during wintertime, you might as well take the opportunity to learn or indulge in your favorite winter sports.

Many ski resorts there open in November up to May and are situated in forest areas in the mountains, where the height is only moderate. These are ideal for groups of people who want to spend time skiing, even if their skiing skills range from novice to amateur to expert.

Almost all these ski resorts offer tutorial services so it will be easy to look for expert ski instructors. You will also have an easy time shopping for ski gear and other materials that you will need.

You may want to ask the hotel where you are staying about these things, because many hotels in the area offer clothes, skis and boots for rent. These hotels usually are also equipped with ski lifts.

Turkey is gifted with numerous scenic mountain ranges that have great skiing facilities. These include the Elmadag Ski Center in Ankara, Saklikent Ski Center in Antalya, Uludag Ski Center Bursa in Bursa, and the Davraz Ski Center in Isparta.


The country is sometimes considered a “sailing heaven” for yachtsmen. Sailing here not only allows you to have fun on board but also presents a great opportunity for you to experience the hospitality of the locals in the coastal villages and towns.

There are various paths that yachtsmen can choose to explore the country, from the azure waters of the Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean and Black Sea, to the inlet bays, coves and beaches.

Turkey is home to the “Blue Voyage,” an idyllic cruise that sails through the Cleopatra’s Bay, Mount Olympos and ancient relics and sites. This cruise is also known as the Mavi Yolculuk.

The long summers in the country make this place an ideal yachting venue. There is a lot to see and explore, including sites of natural beauty, unspoiled bays, mountain peaks and other sites featuring the country’s rich history and culture.


For those who are brave enough to seek extreme adventures, Turkey has many great spots where you can indulge in paragliding. The mountain terrains in many areas and excellent weather conditions make it an ideal spot for the sport.

There are various paragliding services in the country that offer training courses, and they can even help you get your own paragliding license.

Visit archaeological sites

Even if excavations and archaeology are not usually your thing, many sites in Turkey might just make you change your mind. The country is rich with spectacular archaeological sites that visitors can learn a lot from. It is actually a favorite spot of various research explorers and excavation specialists from around the globe.

By visiting the various archaeological sites in the country, you will be able to check out its various influences, starting from the Paleolithic period all the way through to the Ottoman Empire.

You will also get to see the great architecture of various historic Islamic structures. There are also lots of museums that provide essential details about the historical development of many of the country’s sites and sights.

Some of the most popular archaeological sites that are accessible to tourists include the Aphrodesias, Pergamon and Ephesus in the Western region and Hierapolis at the Pamukkale region.

Indulge in a spa visit

While in Turkey, you must not miss the chance to try one of the things that the country is best known for: its thermal spas. It is actually counted among the top seven countries in the world with superb thermal springs.

It has over 1,000 thermal springs, mostly due to its location, which is at the top of a major geothermal belt.

There are many spas that you can visit while touring the country. You may avail of these facilities’ services for whatever reason: to pamper yourself, spend some quality bonding moments with your companions, or find relief from or treatment for a health problem. Most Turkish spas contain natural mineral baths that are soothing and feel luxurious to one’s skin.

A lot of these spas are situated in Marmaris, Istanbul and Pamukkale. Some historical places in the country have been developed from rich mineral springs, such as the ancient city of Hieropolis, where Pamukkale can be found, and the ancient Lydian city of Kaunos. At the latter, the Lake Koycegiz was formed, which features rich mineral mud baths.

If you happen to be in the Anatolian Region, you should also check out the Kangal Hot Springs with Fish, situated in the province of Sivas. It is known for the myriad small fish in its waters, which supposedly can help treat many kinds of skin diseases.