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  • Where to Go in Turkey

    Where to Go in Turkey

    Blue Mosque The Blue Mosque is also referred to as the Sultanahmet Mosque. It can be seen clearly from Istanbul’s skyline. The mosque was named after Sultan Ahmet I, who commissioned its construction in 1609, […]

  • When to Visit Turkey

    When to Visit Turkey

    Visitors to Turkey would do well to remember that the best time to go there is during the spring. The next best season for tourists would be autumn, then summer. The least favored season for […]

  • Ten Interesting Facts About Yemen

    Ten Interesting Facts About Yemen

    It is customary for Yemeni males to bring a jambiya (a short, curved dagger) in public. Not only does the handle of the jambiya show the social status of a person, but the dagger, by […]


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