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When to go to Oman

Like most Middle Eastern countries, Oman offers a summertime feel all year round. In other words, it offers a lot of sun and very little or no rain.

The greater part of Oman experiences this type of climate. The “cool” season begins in October and ends in April. During this time, the temperatures in the country range between 24°C (75.2°F) and 35°C (95°F).

The hot season, on the other hand, begins in May and ends in September. During these months, temperatures can reach a scorching 40°C (104°F). Unsurprisingly, this is the low season for tourists, and we would not advise you to try to avoid the crowds by coming during these months.

Exceptions to the dry, arid climate are the southern region of Oman, specifically, the region of Dhofar. This area is found at the tip of the monsoon belt, which results in regular rainfall from June to August.

For those who want to avoid the desert heat, this so-called rainy season is the best time to visit Oman’s southern region. On the other hand, for those travelling to the northern parts of the country, the best time to go to Oman is between the months of January and February, the coolest months of the year.

The peak seasons for tourism in Oman are from January to April, and from October to December. Hotels might charge peak season rates for reservations made during Easter, Christmas, and New Year.

Although Ramadan is a great festival in Oman, it is not advisable to visit during this time, as it can be very restrictive. Tourists are forbidden to eat, drink, and smoke in public places during this time period. Alcoholic drinks will also be prohibited in most hotels and restaurants in the country. In addition, most tour services in Oman do not operate during Ramadan.