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Ten interesting facts about Oman

1. In 2012, Oman’s capital of Muscat was called the Capital of Arab Tourism and given the title of Second Best City in the world to visit by travel publisher Lonely Planet.

2. To buy liquor in Oman, people have to present a liquor permit at the store.

3. Isla Fisher, from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) was born in Muscat, Oman, in 1976.

4. Biker Nashwa al Kindy is the only woman in Oman who is licensed to drive a motorcycle.

5. Jabal Shams (Sun Mountain), in Oman’s A’Dakhiliyah Region, is the highest point in the whole of eastern Arabia.

6. Oman is the second largest country in the Arabian region.

7. Although all types of pork products are considered taboo in every Muslim country, pork is available in Oman – but it is usually seen in the walled-off sections of supermarkets and is more expensive than the other types of meat.

8. Arranged marriages are still practiced in Oman. Arrangements often begin as soon as a baby is born.

9. It is best to go shopping early in the morning because Omani vendors believe that the first sale of the day is good luck, so they give the first shopper the best price they can give.

10. Although there had been a time when Oman came under a lot of influence from the United Kingdom, it in fact never formally became a British protectorate nor a part of the British empire