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Camel riding

What to do in Iran


Shopping When you visit Iran, the one thing you just must definitely not go home without is an authentic Persian carpet.

Shopping for a Persian carpet can prove to be quite a task, though, as carpets are everywhere in Iran. From room-sized carpets to table runners to silk coverings and even to mats and rugs, you will find them at almost every local Iranian store.

To grab the best quality carpets at the most reasonable prices, visit the famous and well-established Persian carpet stores in the city such as the Fazeli Carpet located near the Jame Mosque.

Another Iranian-souvenir must-have is anything decorated with a mosaic.

Local stores offer a number of authentic mosaic objects such as kitchenware and display articles. Seek your lodging reception for advice and suggestions on the nearest and most practical places to purchase these mosaic objects.

A wide array of mosaic items is available in the market and will surely fit your budget for souvenirs.

The best cities for shopping are Isfahan and Shiraz, as they offer the cheapest prices. On the other hand, souvenir items in the capital Tehran are the costliest.

Skiing and other sports

Skiing and other sports If you seek a more thrilling adventure, you can always take advantage of Iran’s sports-related offerings. Being a mountainous country, Iran has supreme heights and ridges that are perfect for the ultimate mountain skiing experience.

Skiing is the most popular pastime among the Iranian community. Some Iranian ranges you may consider for this activity are Mount Damavand, Mount Sahand, Mount Sabalan, Central Alborz, Central Zagrous, and Takht-e-Solenyman.

Apart from skiing, you may also want to try mountaineering. For a marvelous trekking and mountain climbing experience, consider Mount Damavand, Mount Alamut, Alam Kouh wall, Bisotoun wall, wall of Band-e-Yakhchal, and the walls of Akhlamad.

You can also try water sports for a more exhilarating experience. Being surrounded by bodies of water, Iran provides opportunities for water activities such as scuba diving, sailing, swimming, surfing, and waterpolo.

To ensure a safe and exciting sports adventure, make sure to book yourself for sports tours in Iran. These offerings guarantee systematized and well-led tours, which make possible the ultimate enjoyment and satisfaction from your sports of choice.

Camel riding

Camel riding Iran is located on a high plateau and is surrounded by infinite deserts, which provide a good setting for camel riding.

This activity is best done between March and June, as well as October and November, when the weather is mostly dry.

The best venues for camel riding in Iran include Mehdeyahbad, Mehriz, Yazd castle, Garmeh, Bayazah, Jandakh, Salt Lake, Carvansarai, and the old village of Kharanakh.

Most camel riding tour companies require travelers to wear protective items such as sunglasses, scarves, sunscreen lotions, and hats or caps. They may also impose clothing requirements such as light clothing and closed-toe footwear.

At any rate, Iranian tour companies are guaranteed to provide the best possible services for their clients, especially foreign travelers.

Pilgrimage tour

Pilgrimage tour Iran has some of the most sought-after pilgrimage tours, which enable an alien traveler to unite himself with Iran’s natural spirituality and mysticism.

A typical Iranian pilgrimage tour visits a number of the holiest and most revered Islamic sites, including the sacred cities of Tehran, Qom or Qum, and Mashad, and the biggest, well-known, and historically and culturally significant religious sites in Iranian cities and provinces.

Most journeys are eight-day tours, which are methodically planned and include accommodation, transportation, and shopping for souvenirs.

Some tours also take charge of visa preparations, transportation to and from the airport and hotel, meticulous food management, domestic flights, entrance fee to some sites, and daily refreshment.

Wildlife tour

wildlife tour iran The Iranian wildlife tour is the perfect outdoor experience for all nature and animal care enthusiasts.

Apart from mountain ranges and vast deserts, Iran’s lush natural assets also include subtropical forests.

Iran’s wildlife is one of pleasant peculiarity. Included in this country’s roster of most sought-after animals is the Asiatic cheetah. This is the most famous creature in Iran; unfortunately, it is now an endangered species.

Iran is also home to the unique Persian leopard, believed to be the largest subspecies of the leopard family. Iran’s wildlife is also comprised of other animal classes such as bears, onagers, boars, wolves, foxes, jackals, panthers, sheep, and goat.

Some of the best destinations for wildlife tours include the Ariz and Bafq Protected Area and the Daranjir Wildlife Refuge, both of which are within the province of Yazd.