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What to do in Egypt


People go to Egypt mainly to experience history and see ancient artifacts. This is what most tourists do during their stay in Egypt. And certainly, you won’t run out of historical places to see here.

The Pyramids of Giza are a must see. Although we have all seen pictures of the Great Pyramid, the feeling you get from seeing it in real life is magical.

After sightseeing and picture-taking at the Pyramids of Giza, why not stop over at the sphinx? Make sure to visit the temples at Karnak Luxor as well. They are among the best places to see in Egypt, for they give us a picture of how the people of Egypt lived.

To further appreciate Egyptian history, a visit to the Egyptian Museum or the Egyptian Museum of antiquities is highly recommended. This museum stores over 120,000 artifacts, including Tutankhamen’s gallery, which showcases the gold and gem-inlaid funerary mask and other treasures that were found in his tomb.

To cap it all off, head to Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise. This, by the way, is one of the favorite tourist activities in Egypt. The trek to the top takes three hours.


Not everything in Egypt is old and historic; there are also a lot of places here where shopaholics can indulge in various items ranging from locally made products to high-end fashion brands.

The Khan el Kalili is one of the major markets – or “souks,” as the Egyptians call them – in the city of Cairo. This area of Cairo is busy, usually filled with a lot of people who want to go out and test their haggling skills. Plenty of restaurants, shops, and coffee houses are also found here. These can offer shoppers a short rest and relaxation from all the walking and haggling.

Other souks in Egypt are Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where you will find modern shopping centers and small boutiques, and the Luxor souk in Alexandria, which is geared toward foreign tourists. Shops are usually open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM. It is only during Ramadan when shops are either totally closed or open only late at night.


Who would think that Egypt actually provides regular cruise tours? But it does!

Cruise tours are done along the River Nile, and they offer a nice view of the different temples and monuments that were built thousands of years ago. Cruising is really an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially if your tour guide is fun, engaging, and eager to tell you a few stories about ancient Egypt.

 If you are lucky enough, you can also go bird-watching and see the Senegal Thick-knee and the Purple Gallinule.

The “floating hotel,” or the cruise ship that cruises along the Nile, has a lot of facilities that you can enjoy, making you feel like a guest in a five-star hotel.

Fishing and Diving

Underwater landscape with small fishes and diver. Borneo

With the desert feel that Egypt gives off, few would guess that this country also has some of the best beaches and dive sites in the world. Scuba diving is something that you can do all year round in Egypt. Many walls and wrecks have been submerged underwater, which add to the fun of underwater exploration.

For more experienced divers, Marsa, Quseir, and Galeb are good to visit, since they have wonderful coral formation and rich marine life.

Fishing is also an activity you should try in Egypt. Here you will find Lake Nassar, the country’s largest man-made lake. Even if you are not an angler and haven’t tried fishing at all, catching fish at this lake is a piece of cake.

Whether you go to the Gulf of Suez or visit the Red Sea, trust that you will find great resorts where you can stay.

Desert Safari 

two girls are ride on camel in desert

Sand – lots of it. This is what you will find as you set foot in Egypt.

Going on a desert safari can be the adventure of a lifetime and has in fact become a popular activity among tourists in Egypt.

As you ride through the sand dunes, you will go past numerous temples and some oases.

One of the famous deserts in Egypt is the Black Desert. It was called as such because of the black-colored stones you can find there. The mountain caps in the Black Desert are literally black. Visiting this tourist spot can makes you feel as if you had just landed on another planet.

When going on a desert safari, you should be ready with lots of water, sunscreen, and light clothes, as it can really be hot and humid in the desert.