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Ten interesting facts about Egypt


1. The constellation that we now call the Big Dipper, the ancient Egyptians called the Hippopotamus.

2. Ancient Egyptian women wore perfume not on their skin but on their head, in the form of solid perfume cones.

3. Two of the top products of ancient Egypt were bread and beer.

4. They loved beer so much, their term for party literally translates to “house of beer.”

5. Ancient Egyptians believed that fried mice could cure a toothache.

6. The Christian cross was developed from the Egyptian symbol Ankh.

7. Contrary to popular notion, cats were not the most common pets in ancient Egypt; dogs were. (Cats were considered to special to be pets of common people.)

8. The flute is the only wind instrument used in ancient Egypt.

9. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Khufu’s tomb, was considered the tallest infrastructure in the world until the Eiffel tower was built.

10. Khufu, who owns the largest pyramid in Egypt, also has the smallest Egyptian statue ever found: a 3-inch-tall ivory depiction.