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Dance and sing your heart out 

What to do in Poland

Spa treatments

Young woman getting massage in bamboo spa.

Poland is definitely kicking it up a notch when it comes to health and wellness.

Experience authentic Polish massages at the Wielkopolska and the Dolnoslaskie, which both offer services such as skin and overall body care, exotic massages, and even hair spa treatments.

They also have facilities such as sauna baths, jacuzzis, solariums, and gyms.

Health spas have existed in Poland since the 13th century and have flourished due to the climate in the area.

Most health spas use therapeutic water and therapeutic mud to aid in the treatment of many ailments and disorders.

And speaking of health and wellness, check out Poland’s other medical services as well.

Only a few European countries have developed their medical tourism aspect, but Poland is definitely one of them and is now one of the Europe’s most promising medical tourism destinations.

Attend a film festival

Attend a film festival

International film festivals are not only held in France or Berlin; Poland also has its own version, the Tofifest Film Festival, which is held in Torun and has been called “a festival for dreamers and free thinkers.”

Every year, young movie makers as well as veteran directors from all over the world attend the Tofifest Film Festival, giving new blood to the world of film and cinema.

Currently, around 45 countries come and join the film festival every year. At the Tofifest, you can find rarely seen Polish films and films which are not shown in mainstream cinema.

Film enthusiasts as well as tourists can just drop by and buy tickets to the film festival (if the tickets have not yet been sold out) and see what the Polish independent cinema has to offer.

Dance and sing your heart out

Dance and sing your heart out 

Music lovers – both the young and the young at heart – can come and join the fun at the music festivals held in Torun and Poznan.

One of the most prestigious music festivals in the country is the Jazz Odnowa festival.

This is not a music festival where people g