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When to Visit Ukraine

Traveling to Ukraine is best done during the spring season, which occurs from late April to June. Springtime in Ukraine offers the most comfortable weather for outdoor activities, including sightseeing, strolling, trekking, and mountaineering.

Spring months witness the heaviest influx of foreign tourists. Sought-after national events, such as the Orthodox Easter Holiday and the annual Kiev International Film Festival, occur during this season.

If you’re considering visiting Ukraine in spring, it is highly advisable to book flights and hotel accommodations ahead of time to guarantee a delightful time witnessing these featured events.

When planning to travel past the tourism peak season, autumn is the next best option. Autumn offers almost the same calm weather, although it brings mild to heavy downpour on a number of days.

Rainfall in Ukraine varies from region to region. The western and northern regions receive the most rainfall, with average annual rains of about 1,200 milliliters (47.2 inches). Crimea, on the other end, gets an annual average of only 400 milliliters (15.7 inches) of rains.

Temperature in Ukraine also varies in the northern and southern areas. Average annual heat in northern Ukraine ranges from 5.5–7 °C (41.9–44.6 °F), while the southern region averages at 11–13 °C (51.8–55.4 °F).