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When to Visit Switzerland

Switzerland has several local and regional microclimates, caused by its mountainous landscape – for example, the Brevine Valley in Jura has a very cold climate, while Ticino, located in southern Switzerland, has a hot climate that resembles that of the Mediterranean.

In general, however, the country has a central European climate – summertime day temperatures are at around 18 to 28°C (64.4 to 82.4°F) and wintertime day temperatures are at –2 to 7°C (28.4 to 44.6°F).

Summer in Switzerland is from June to September. If you would be going to Switzerland primarily for outdoor adventures, then this time would be the most appropriate for your plans. Most of the adventure sports in the country are only available during this season.

However, the peak months of July and August are when the hotels are fully booked and the prices for everything are at their highest, so you might want to consider going to Switzerland before or after these months, on the edges of summer.

Winter is from December to April, when the snow starts melting. During this time, winter activities are, of course, offered and popular.