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Ten interesting facts about Sweden

1. The largest mall in Scandinavia is found in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Nordstan has 180 shops and 150 offices.

2. Sweden has the largest number of McDonald’s fast food restaurants per capita in Europe.

3. Every year a large number of moose-crossing signs are stolen from the roads of Sweden; tourists get them and it is the most popular souvenir.

4. The zipper, marine propeller, refrigerator, computer mouse, and pace-maker are all Swedish inventions

5. On average Swedish women have their first babies by the age of 30,

6. All the Tsars of Russia were of Swedish Viking descent.

7. In Sweden kids go “trick or treating” during Maundy Thursday, or the Thursday before Easter.

8. Prostitution is legal in Sweden.

9. Contrary to what we see on television, Swedish Vikings did not have horns on their helmets.

10. Popular retail stores IKEA and H&M are both Swedish, as well as popular music icons such as ABBA, Ace of Base, and A-Teens.