Swedish cuisine is not that popular as compared to French or Italian, but there are also pretty good foodie finds here that will leave you with a happy heart and a heavy stomach.


Gravlax, or Gravad lax, is similar to Japanese sushi and is usually served as an appetizer. Gravlax is a Nordic dish which is raw salmon cured in salt, dill, and sugar, usually served with bread or potatoes.


Blodpudding, black sausage, or blood sausage is a popular type of sausage made from pig’s blood cooked along with a filler, which may be meat, fat, or starch. This is a common staple in any household in Sweden and is best served with any type of fried salty meat and lingonberry jam.


If you want to taste Swedish desserts, than the spettekaka is the best one to try. Spetekakka is a dry cake made of eggs, sugar, and potato flour and is cooked while being rotated using a skewer.

This dessert originated from southern Sweden, in the province of Scania. The cake should be dry and crisp, so to preserve this, spettekaka makers usually wrap the cake in a sealed plastic.

Spettakaka is best served with coffee, wine, or ice cream.


The smorgastarta is a sandwich cake made up of shrimp, ham, mayonnaise, olives, and other cold cuts.

This cake is not a dessert, but rather a large sandwich. However, due to the large amount of filling it contains, it resembles a cake, albeit a savory one

Smorgastarta is usually served in parties and other important gatherings.


Kroppkaka is a Swedish dumpling filled with onions and pork or salty bacon. Kroppkaka originated in the southern provinces of Sweden, which are Oland, Smaland, Gotland, and Blekinge.

Like some Swedish dishes, kroppkaka is best served with lingonberry jam and, on some occasions, with cream and butter.