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caviar russia

Russian Cuisine


caviar russia
Black caviar in spoon above jar against white

You can’t say that you’ve tasted caviar until you’ve tasted Russian caviar. One of the country’s top food, caviar is served in Russia at its freshest. Unlike the caviar that you can order in restaurants at home, Russian caviar is harvested and put straight into freezers, ready to serve to waiting customers. There is no processing involved, which keeps the caviar’s unique taste intact.

If you are a food connoisseur and you wish to taste the best of the best, Russia’s caviar takes the prize as the best and freshest of its kind. In Russian restaurants, look for this popular hors d’oeuvre: sour cream and caviar crepe.


borsch russia

Borsch is one of the best-known Russian dishes. Its famous for its savory taste that is perfect for the country’s cold weather.

For those who have not heard of borsch: it is a Russian soup that is composed of meat and some beets. Other ingredients may include any of the following: potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, and cabbage. The soup is often garnished with sour cream, along with almost unhealthy amounts of butter.

Russians love their borsch after working hours, when they want – no, need – to relieve work-related stress and, more especially, the bitter cold of the weather.

Indeed, borsch is a beloved soup dish that no household in Russia can do without.


shashlik russia

If you’re a fan of the good old American backyard barbeque, then having your fill of shashlik in Russia would be very appealing to you.

Shashlik is pieces of meat that are marinated in highly acidic fruit juice, dry wine, or vinegar. The pieces of meat are marinated overnight to allow the meat to completely absorb the flavor of the marinade. They are then skewered and cooked over a blazing fire.

Shashlik is meant to be shared and enjoyed with your friends, similar to a backyard barbeques.

If some Russian friends of yours invite you to have shashlik with them, take them up on their invitation. You won’t regret it.


pirozhki russia

There’s a kind of pirozhki for everyone in Russia – tourists and locals alike. With its various and unique flavors, the pirozhki entices everyone to sample the authentic Russian flavors that it holds within.

But what, exactly, is a pirozhki?

A pirozhki is a little bun or pie stuffed with various kinds of fillings, which may include any combination of fish, pork, beef, vegetables, eggs, and rice – the fillings used in pirozhki are very diverse.

Some people like their fillings made with sautéed fish and onions, while some like mashed potatoes inside their pirozhki.

Freshly baked pirozhki is a tasty little treat on its own, but it also goes well with another favorite Russian food, the borsch.


kvass russia

While Russia is known worldwide for its vodka, kvass is the drink that you need to taste while you’re in the country.

Kvass is a rye-based alcoholic beverage that is characterized by its rich, dark color. The drink can be flavored with berries, mint, ginger, or other fruit juices for an even more desirable taste.

If you see children drinking kvass, don’t be alarmed. The alcohol level of kvass is low enough for parents to allow children to drink this uniquely Russian beverage.

If you still want more after you’ve had your fill of kvass, you might want to try Okroshka soup. This soup has kvass as one of its main ingredients, so it’s an interesting choice if you’ve become an instant fan of kvass.