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nightlife in romania bucharest

What to do in Romania

Revitalize yourself at the thermal springs

Revitalize yourself at the thermal springs

Romania is teeming with natural thermal springs and spa resorts, currently numbering to approximately 3,000. Throughout history, Romanians have rejuvenated themselves by relaxing in these health resorts.

Spas and thermal springs in the country not only promise health benefits but are also the perfect destinations to unwind for relatively reasonable rates. Most of the spa resorts are constructed near natural water sources, which allow visitors to be one with nature while relaxing in warm spring waters.

One of the most sought-after thermal springs is one of the oldest in the country – Băile Herculane, found in Cerna Valley. The resort has been a leading destination since 1887 and even captured Romanian royalties with its healing promise.

One of the largest spa resorts in Romania is Băile Felix, found at the northeastern zone of the country. Băile Felix is one of the leading therapeutic thermal springs in Romania, effectively curing health problems such as rheumatic arthritis.

Other prominent thermal springs and spas in Romania include Lake Ursu in Transylvania, and resorts located at the mountains of Govora, Călimanești, Tușnad , and Băile Olănești.

Experience the nightlife

nightlife in romania bucharest

Nightlife in Romania is mainly concentrated in the metropolitan city of Bucharest. Bucharest is swarming with nightspots suited for an array of nighttime social activities.

Apart from the usual nightclubs and party hubs, the city also features motif-based international and local restaurants and bars. Along the well-lit streets, you can find Western-inspired restos, European (specifically Parisian) bars, lounge restaurants, and cafes.

Most of these restaurants offer a wide range of international cuisines, good wines, and beers.

When looking for a different kind of nighttime adventure, try your luck in one of Bucharest’s many gambling facilities such as the Bucharest Casino, Palace Casino, and Grand Casino. Casinos are a thriving business in the city, attracting a considerable amount of local and foreign gamblers at a time.

Presently, Romania joins the ranks of the countries with the most number of casinos and betting houses. The bloom of the gambling industry in Bucharest may be attributed to its steady patronization by wealthy personalities, big-time businessmen, and local Chinese gamblers.

Drive along the Transfagarasan Road

Traffic trails on Transfagarasan pass at sunset. Crossing Carpathian mountains in Romania, Transfagarasan is one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the world.

The Transfagarasan Road is a 90-km rugged path running along the jagged peaks of the Carpathian Mountains. Driving along the famous Romanian street would be a good road trip challenge to engage in as it traverses two of the highest peaks of the mountain ridges.

Along with the expected strenuous drive through the rock-strewn road, visitors will surely enjoy the arresting scenery from as high as 2000 meters above sea level. Awe-inspiring bodies of water such as the Balea Lake and Balea Waterfall dramatically highlight the plain mountains.

The beauty and adventure offered by the Transfagarasan Road has been internationally commended. Top Gear, a BBC motoring show, hailed the Transfagarasan Road as one of the finest in the world after a vehicular experiment in 2009.

Go fishing in the Danube Delta

Go fishing in the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta, Romania’s principal fishing destination, is home to around 160 unique kinds of fish such as giant catfish, carps, pikes, and pike perches. The 2,100 square mile natural reserve is one of the best preserved riverside landforms in the world; it is also the second largest wildlife area in the European region.

For fishing enthusiasts, the site offers fishing tours where participants fish from a surface houseboat anchored on the Sfântu Gheorghe village. Most often, fish caught by partakers from the tour are later served as the day’s meal.

Fishing tour participants would be required to come in water-resistant clothing and caps, with other appropriate items such as a first aid kit, sunscreen, pest and mosquito repellant, and water-filled containers. A lot of the tours lease their own fishing equipment and fishing boats to the participants.

The most convenient times to go on a fishing tour in the Danube Delta are between the months of March and June or between September and October.

Try the popular sports in Romania

kids soccer team in huddle

Romanians are natural sports aficionados. They play a wide range of sports – from internationally popular ones to their own inventions and versions.

Romania is one of the most decorated countries in the entire history of the Summer Olympic Games. The country ranks as number 15 in the world in the all-time Olympic Games medal tally.

Football is the most prevalent game in Romania, followed by other Western sports such as basketball, handball, rugby union, tennis, gymnastics, rowing, canoeing, and even chess. These sports are mostly popular mainly among the youth sector, which explains the rise to fame of world-class young Romanian athletes.

Romania also boasts of its long-established sport called oina. This sport’s history dates as far back as the 18th century.

Oina’s game principles resemble that of baseball as it is played using a bat to hit a leather ball. Historians speculate that this sport was originally a war game, as suggested by the battle-related names given to the participants.